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Grab the book that started it all. 

When the police arrived at the Genevieve’s household, they found Jeremiah and Anaya Genevieve dead at the scene. Their bodies had been hollowed out, from their chests to their stomachs. Their oldest daughter, Nadia Genevieve, age eleven, was found dead in a pool of blood. 


An hour later, the police received a call from the city morgue, claiming that the girl, who had been registered as a DOA, had just woken up. Detective Roy, a friend of the Genevieve family, arrived to find a mentally-scarred young Nadia claiming that the death of her parents had been caused by a monster. Worse yet, she claimed that she could only see this “demon” (her words) after it sliced a gash on her stomach. Demons. Invisible to the human eye. And many more were out.


Years have passed since that night, and Nadia has grown into a woman. She takes care of her younger sister Kiara during the day and hunts demons at night. A new case she’s working leaves her brings her worst possible fear. Children are being found dead in their bedrooms, their fat, muscle, and blood drained from their bodies as if they had starved to death. All the victims have one thing in common: they attend James Earl Middle School, the same school Kiara goes to! On top of this, a new detective joins Bellmare PD and clashes with Nadia constantly, interfering with her investigation. 


As Halloween draws near, and with this demon attacking a new victim every night, the peaceful town of Bellmare is beginning to succumb to fear. Can Nadia solve this case before panic consumes everyone in town, and prevent Kiara from becoming the next victim?  


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