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Tamara Storm had been kidnapped by a sinister cult when she was four years old, after the death of her mother. For twenty years, she had survived inside a hellish underground prison. Her captors, obsessively dedicated to beating, torturing and experimenting on their prisoners, worked tirelessly to turn them into something… inhuman.


People didn’t last long before they became monsters, at least those who didn’t die or commit suicide in the process. Tamara had survived, but she had no family, no life, and no hope. The price of surviving the Three Stages had been her sanity, and she was fueled only by her desire for bloody retribution.

One day, as she was on the verge of ending it all, Ezar, her up-to-that-moment imaginary guardian and friend, had given her the gift of escaping hell for good, and she had fled her captors. Finally free, Tamara had started a new life under the Sun, far away from the cult’s deadly grasp, away from the darkness; but that wasn’t meant to last.

When Tamara learns what really flows through her veins, when she discovers that she has become the treasure they were looking for… Will she run away from the demons that made her, or will she come back and fight, fulfilling the promise of snapping the lives of the cultists one by one, until they are no more?