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Why You Should Write Your Story and Ingore the Doubt Inside

Updated: May 11

Hey all, Sernaro here and I wanted to talk about writing your story and why you definitely should do just that. “Your story” can mean many things to someone. I’ve once heard people say they wanted to write an autobiography of their lives to be immortalized into ink and paper. Others want a less complicated method and have suggested writing nothing too detailed, just short stories as well incorporating your experiences into your works. Despite that, the concept of it scares people with how much effort it must costs from our already short lives but I think because our lives are so short that its worth putting in the effort.

So the most complicated and time-consuming effort and keeping your story written down is perhaps an autobiography. It's an amazing idea that requires an extraordinary amount of time and dedication but it doesn’t have to be so hard. Like yeah, you could organize your life into several eras and sub eras and write down several of the moments that are meaningful to you but I prefer a more passive approach. I like keeping a journal, something to write down things as they happen. My personal favorite is to write down a dream journal directly after waking up so I get as much details into it as I can recall.

Another idea that seems to work well for people and many authors out there is to write down those moments in time into your works. Whether you choose to write down a novel where the main character is a self-insert character living out those moments or you choose to write short stories about it, your still writing down your story. This method has no rules so things can be exaggerated or lowered based on personal opinion. Even still, your works now reflect your life and public work or not that story is now written down for someone to one day find.

So as you can see, it's a time consuming process that can take years. However, writing down your story doesn’t have to be so grueling. A story or two is more than enough to make sure you leave your mark and so that you can tell the world “I was here”. Sernaro signing off.

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