• Sernaro Cornelio

Developing as a Writer

Updated: May 11

Hey all! It’s been a while, but Sernaro is back to writing. So setting the record straight, I’ve been on hiatus to focus on my job and to give myself enough of a break instead of trying to continue to post on writer’s block. I’ve felt that I’ve been writing to keep more of a schedule over trying to write for the sake of wanting to and that was honestly getting boring for me and the numbers were clear. It was the same for all of you. I realize that’s not fair to any of you, so it was about time to focus on me to better become a meaningful writer.

I wouldn’t say I’m a “new” person or anything, but I’ve definitely taken the time to look more into my growth to better decide how I want to write. Perhaps I’ve been naïve about my perception of love and perhaps I still am but I find writing about love and my love life has been draining so I’m choosing to write my stories based on how I feel at the moment vs what I expect to feel about something.

Twilight was a major influence over my writing and yes, I have already read the latest book Midnight Sun so whether or not intentionally, that’s the writing style I’ll be using, or at least it as an inspiration. Stephenie Meyer actually has good writing, just that the writing that best works for it was anything other than Bella’s and Edwards's awkward love story. I have a ton of books in my backlog so I intend to read and hopefully use those books as inspiration to strengthen my writing style from now on.

For now, that’ll be it, I guess. I’ve missed writing and I’ve been very down the last eight months over things out of my control and I let it break me. Know that I’m not over it, but I am better. I’m working on loving myself like I used to and until then I ask you all to bear with me and my almost bipolar mood. Sernaro signing off.

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