A Whispers Series Book 2

Book Summary

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While demons roam the night, humans remain blind to what lies below. Only those who have been marked by a demon can see them. Nobody knows where they came from or what they are. Demons, taking advantage of their imperceptible form, hunt their prey under the cloak of night, and a few of the marked ones have taken upon themselves to become demon hunters and protect the people.

After the events of past October, Nadia, a tortured demon hunter who inherited blood powers from a demon, continues her secret war while trying to protect what’s left of her family: her little sister Kiara and her father-figure, Roy. She’s aided by her best friend, another demon hunter named Reed, and Shane, a human detective.

Following her most recent case and close the holidays, Nadia comes across a mysterious man who claims that a great evil has been hiding in the town for years, completely undetected. Will Nadia be able to keep her family safe this time? Is this mysterious man as harmless as he claims to be? Will facing this new evil finally put an end to Nadia’s existence, cursed by the demon blood running through her veins?


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