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When the police arrived at the Genevieve’s household, they found Jeremiah and Anaya Genevieve dead at the scene. Their bodies had been hollowed out, from their chests to their stomachs. Their oldest daughter, Nadia Genevieve, age eleven, was found dead in a pool of blood. 


An hour later, the police received a call from the city morgue, claiming that the girl, who had been registered as a DOA, had just woken up. Detective Roy, a friend of the Genevieve family, arrived to find a mentally-scarred young Nadia claiming that the death of her parents had been caused by a monster.

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At the age of 11, Nadia Genevieve was found dead in a pool of her own parent's blood. Police reported an animal attack was the cause. At exactly 3 AM she was found alive at the morgue.

From that moment on, she discovered a horrid truth that changed the way she sees the world. Humans are blind to what's out there. Monsters, demons, they live among them and they have no idea. Follow Nadia, as she tries to catch a child murderer whose spreading terror around town.
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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and everyone in Bellmare is preparing for a month of passion. Stuffed animals, roses, chocolates, romance, break-ups, make-ups, and... dead bodies?

Sex demons are on a rampage, killing people and taking their souls for a nefarious purpose. The case quickly goes haywire when it becomes clear that their secondary goal is to claim Nadia, who is inexplicably unavailable. The rest of team must solve the case on their own soon, or face something worse than an impending apocalypse.

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Tamara Storm had been kidnapped by a sinister cult when she was four years old, after the death of her mother. For twenty years, she had survived inside a hellish underground prison. Her captors, obsessively dedicated to beating, torturing and experimenting on their prisoners, worked tirelessly to turn them into something… inhuman.
People didn’t last long before they became monsters, at least those who didn’t die or commit suicide in the process. Tamara had survived, but she had no family, no life, and no hope. The price of surviving the Three Stages had been her sanity, and she was fueled only by her desire for bloody retribution...