Eos & Selene started back in 2015 when two college students at the time met during their Japanese course and shared something in common, their passion for writing stories that came from both their brightest dreams to their darkest nightmares. The two grew closer as they wrote their first-ever book, Whispers in the Dark, which was officially self-published in 2018.


With their distinct personalities, they wanted a name that would represent both sides. One, who is an early bird when the sun rises, and another is nocturnal when the sun sets. They turned to one of their favorite topics, Greek mythology, for a name that would benefit them. After months of searching, Eos & Selene was born.

meet Taciana morisseau 

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Taciana was born on December 12th, 1995. She started her writing journey at the young age of 11 writing poems. When she was 13, she discovered the world of fan fiction and begin her writing journey. Trying to find her genre, she has written a few fan fiction while exploring the one that spoke out to her most. 


Taciana noticed what creeps into the darkness, attracted her. Thus finding herself writing about the supernatural, paranormal, and horror genre. It based some of her work including Silent Rage. Which she claims originated from the darkest depths of her nightmares. 


On September 10th, 2015, she met with her writing partner Sernaro and they wrote their first book, Whispers in the Dark. After two years of posting their work online, Taciana took the risk and bring her work to life. Since then she continues to write what comes to her twisted mind and she doesn’t plan on stopping soon. 

meet sernaro cornelio

Sernaro Cornelio is an amateur author learning the ropes. She has graduated college with a degree in business management and worked in retail gather stories and inspiration for writing. Sernaro spent many years writing in her dream journal using her experiences in the weird and the imaginative to continue writing as a hobby first and job later. She lives in Connecticut with her family and two siblings.

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